PEANUTBUTTER & JELLY PLAYERS - Children's Theater By Children For Children
Our unique concept for a children's theater by children for children is based on the belief that children's needs are of the utmost importance.
Our talented team is committed to meeting those needs. We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver a worthwhile enrichment experience to your kids.
The Peanutbutter & Jelly Players is a children’s theater by children for children. Its mission is to provide a hands-on enrichment experience in the theatrical arts for students in grades 3-12.
The PB & J Players will provide classes in theater craft culminating in a theatrical production. These classes will be available as an after school program. A minimal monthly tuition will be charged to cover the necessary expenses. Limited scholarships may eventually be available.
We are in the process of searching for the right grant to also create an outreach arm to provide tuition for students in Title I schools, such as Crestmont, Flatwoods, and Matthews Elementary schools in Tuscaloosa County, and some Tuscaloosa City schools as well.
The PB & J Players is open to all interested students. We plan to work in cooperation with the Gifted and Talented teachers in each school, who know their school’s talent pool.
1. To provide children experience in the arts that otherwise may not be available to students.
2. To instill in children a lifelong love and pleasure in theater both as a participant and a supporter.
3. To create in children a higher sense of self esteem, confidence, poise and literacy.
4. To provide for students constructive, creative opportunities after school.
5. To develop in students the innate dramatic and creative talents and self expression.
6. To develop in children a sense of responsibility and self discipline.
7. To develop in students a sense of teamwork and cooperation.
8. To develop in students hands-on skills in theater crafts such as: set design and construction, costume design, creative makeup techniques and design, and lighting design.
9. To provide the opportunity for students to develop their acting, singing and dancing skills.
10. For our students to create and present a full fledged theatrical production each semester.
1. To provide students with enrichment experiences in the arts.
2. As many schools have eliminated most of the arts experiences due to the necessity of budgetary restrictions and cut backs. (The elimination of the Tuscaloosa County’s gifted arts and humanities center, TARGET, and many art and music teachers.)
3.  As schools now out of necessity focus on testing, and reading and math, in order to fulfill the requirements for the No Child Left Behind Law.
4.  As an alternative to other existing children’s theater programs to provide more students with more theatrical experiences.                                  
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